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A new direction

09/17/2012 - Author: Jennifer - 10 Comments

Have you ever been sure of something? There was no doubt the direction my life was headed.
I really thought that my family was going back to FL. My husband and I both sought God by praying and felt He was leading us back to a place where we used to live — a place we missed and longed for.

We have been here in Ohio for 4 years and have not really felt connected. Loneliness set in and that is not something I am used to. I was a new mom and felt alone. We prayed for friends here, trying to get involved and plugged in. It shouldn’t have been hard. We grew up not far from here, but we felt like outsiders — cliques run rampant here! So, we put our house on the market and it didn’t sell. Right now, we are seeking God asking “what did we miss?” Why did God lead us and get our hopes up just to keep us here? I am hoping to learn a lesson.

I have experienced a lot of heartache and disappointment since moving from friends and places I love. I want to experience those connections again here in Ohio. Where God has placed us. What will God teach me from this?

I may never get answers. If God says it, faith says that should be enough. Maybe I will get answers later. Maybe He will take us where we want to go. Where is that? Where He wants us.  God does have a plan.  Maybe He wants bigger blessings here. I want to be a blessing here.

I have now discovered a MOPS group and a new book study that I can get involved in. We have also joined in a small group at our church since my son now has a little more flexibility in his schedule.  Maybe this is where I can get connections. Maybe not. I am scared that hope will lead to heartache.
Why didn’t God show me the mom’s group earlier?

Please pray for connections for our family. My 2 year old needs friends and so do my husband and I.
Have you ever felt God threw you a curve ball? Did you find the blessings from the journey?
I am looking forward to this next chapter. I know I am expecting a lot, but God is great. Even through heartache.

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Discussion (10 Comments)

  1. Praying for you Girl!

  2. I have been in your shoes before. Sadly, there was more heartache in the answered prayer of going back home than there was in being away. In retrospect, I wouldn't have prayed so fervently about moving "back home" as I would have prayed "help me be content in where You've placed us, & help me to bloom where I'm planted". I will pray for your eyes to be opened to the blessings he has for you right where your at. Curve balls can be blessings in disguise. You will learn to trust God at a much deeper level as you journey along with Him. I will pray for those "connections". He truly wants you to have fellowship with other sisters in the Lord. Bear in mind though that sometimes he allows earthly comforters to be few so we learn to more fully depend on the True Comforter. Call upon His name. He hears your loudest scream & your most inaudible cry.I will pray that your heart will overflow with the love of Christ & that the joy of the Lord will be your strength.Humbly, Susan Hess

  3. Oh girl, I hear your heart. You are expressing it so beautifully raw and honest. You are seeking Him, and THAT is truly where your heart will find it's home. It does take time, it is an "imperfect progress", and some days you simply won't feel like there's progress at all. Truth of the matter is God never leaves us, just sometimes it takes a bit for our hearts to catch up to our heads. From one who has been almost "transplanted" twice, and most recently left the country for a bit, I tell you "home" is where your loved ones are. You are speaking to so many right where you are, and think of how you will appreciate those He brings to you as you're on the other end of this. Enjoy "MOPS" and your life group, it will happy naturally, great job in stepping out and stepping in. See you Thursday!

  4. You are a blessing in Ohio- I know we are glad that all of you are closer to the rest of the family!

  5. Thank you Rachel! Be blessed:)

  6. Thank you so much Susan for your encouragement and prayers! I do struggle with contentment, especially when I have to wait. Thank you for stopping by and sharing and be blessed:)

  7. Thank you Heather! Love it–"imperfect progress". See you Thursday. Be blessed:)

  8. Thank you Laura. Be blessed:)

  9. I have so been there Jennifer. I struggled with loneliness when we first moved back here. So thankful for the people God placed into my life from that season on. Praying that God blesses your time with the mommy group and the Bible study. And also praying that He places close friends that you can walk with during this time. Much love to you friend. Blessings!

  10. Thank you Wendy. I am so glad you stopped by and for your encouragement. I am looking forward to what lies ahead! Glad He provided people in your life. Be blessed:)

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