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The problem with quiet~~FMF Post

11/09/2012 - Author: Jennifer - 12 Comments

Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker at tales from a Gypsy Mama does what is called a Five Minute Friday. 5 minutes to write without abandon about one word that she gives us.It is fun! I encourage you to try it out.

There is a lot of info about how quiet time is needed and important. I am not opposed to quiet time. I know I need it when searching scripture or praying.
However, quiet time, for me can be bad. If I am not busy, I focus on what I don’t have instead of being grateful for what I do. I am trying to break out of this horrible habit (and self-pity is so ugly).

Boredom is dangerous for me. It leads to loneliness which causes my emotions to spiral downward. I am a social person. I love to converse with others (which is why it is so hard for me with my son who is severely speech delayed).

So, I got very excited when I was putting things in my calendar. Not only will I have things to do, but I am hoping it leads to some new friendships for me, my son, and my husband.

Maybe God has had me go through this season of quietness/boredom for a reason. Maybe it is my own fault. I don’t know.
If you can, please pray that we do make connections with people. I would love play dates for my son so  he can make friends.

Be blessed:)

Five Minute Friday

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Discussion (12 Comments)

  1. Nice post.

  2. Thank you for your honesty. I pray that you are able to find the community you need. My son has Asperger's and wasn't saying much as a 2 year old (I am guessing your son is about that age) either. Can't get him to be quiet now! I'm on the other side of the world but happy to 'chat' if ever you need to. Bless you heaps 🙂

  3. We can be our own worst enemies!My daughter is 3 – born Sept 2009 – so not much behind your son. I'm not so good at getting out and making play dates either. And I worry that she'll be terribly introverted like I am. But she seems to be doing well in her day-school. And my husband is extroverted, so we end up with friends because he's making them. And for that I'm extremely thankful!

  4. by Lisa

    The young years can be so lonely for the moms. I encourage you to find a group…ck churches, ck w/ speech centers–there's something out there that's perfect for you! God bless!

  5. Thank you Denise! Be blessed:)

  6. Lizzy~~I think I am getting there. I have found a wonderful MOPS group. I am so hoping to reach that day where I wish my son would not talk. We will see. Thank you for stopping by and be blessed:)

  7. It is hard that I don't have anyone to set up playdates with because I am an extrovert! For now, nursery will have to do. Thank you for stopping by and be blessed:)

  8. Lisa~~I have found a wonderful MOPS group and that has helped. My son currently takes speech therapy, but I wish he was further along. We will see. Thank you so much for stopping by and be blessed:)

  9. Oh, Sister! I just found you on FMF, and I'm so glad I did! Yessss!!! I'm in the thick of it, myself. Unapologetic sanguine and homeschool mom, just moved and I need people! 🙂 I know the importance of quiet time, but gracious, how much do we really need! Praying that you make some connections that count!Great post!

  10. Glad to meet you! Hang in there and hope you make connections! Please keep me updated and be blessed:)

  11. I agree. I gain energy from people and conversation. Too much quiet time can be too much! I'm still thinking of an Ohio coffee date 🙂 My boys are 6mo and 3 years…

  12. That sounds like fun! Hopefully we can. Thank you for stopping by and be blessed:)

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