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Five Minute Friday~~Wonder

11/30/2012 - Author: Jennifer - 7 Comments

Lisa-Jo Baker over at tales from a Gypsy Mama gives us one word and 5 minutes to write without abandonment.  It is fun and I encourage you to try!


I wonder why a lot.

Why did God move us here?

Why doesn’t He intervene and help more often?

Why don’t we have more friends?

I do search myself and seek God, but answers don’t always come.

I wonder if I am making a difference in the world around me. My mission field here at home. The wife and mother God called me to be.

Is this blog worth it? I wonder if people are encouraged or blessed by it, which is why I do it.

I wonder if things will get better~~but then, I have a choice. Yes, they can get better if I wait, or act, or decide that they WILL get better.

I wonder why God placed me here, chose me for this, but then I think~~He has for a reason and I need to let Him guide.

Be blessed:)

Five Minute Friday

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Discussion (7 Comments)

  1. by Mindy Koenig

    He placed you here for so many reasons. He knew I needed a new friend 😉

    • So did I! So glad to have met you friend. Thank you for stopping by and be blessed:)

  2. by Stacy

    One of the hard things about this faith walk is knowing that our God can do anything. He can heal every illness, remove any obstacle and mend any relationship. So, when he does not, it’s difficult. I wish I could hug you because I SO relate.

    I have prayed desperately for these over the last six months and they just didn’t happen. I have heard the saying many times that “Faith is believing that He can and knowing that He will.” I do not believe that. I think faith is believing that He can and trusting Him when He doesn’t.

    I’m glad you blog, my friend. Otherwise, we would not have met. 🙂

    • I agree with you about faith–It doesn’t mean He will do what we want, but what is best for us and we need to trust! I believe God can, but it doesn’t mean He will and it isn’t due to lack of faith. Thank you for stopping by and be blessed:)

  3. Oh I wonder like this all the time too:) Thank you for sharing!! Loving your blog!!

  4. Love your honesty!! If we’re all honest, talking about a faith walk and walking it are two different things, two great challenges. I’m trusting, too, leaning in hard, right now.

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