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A Christmas Love Story

12/13/2012 - Author: Jennifer - 5 Comments

A Christmas Love Story

Christmas is fast approaching and a lot of people, including me, think about His birth. Call me crazy, but I wonder if it was awkward for Mary and Joseph. I mean, yes Mary was chosen and blessed by God to carry The Savior, but what about Joseph? Did he wish it was his son? Did he have a bond with Jesus? Did Joseph have any resentment? I mean, if Mary wasn’t pregnant, they wouldn’t be looking for a place to stay on such short notice. However, we wouldn’t have such a great and humbling story. I mean, a King born in stable with animals? My hospital stay wasn’t so bad.

I know Joseph loved Mary and wanted to do what he thought was best, but God knew what was best. Was Mary at all concerned about her reputation? Did she feel alone since she wasn’t married, or was she comforted by Joseph? Was Joseph being there helpful, or awkward? I will admit, if I was carrying someone else’s baby and my fiance was taking care of me, it would be weird. For this, I am thankful I was married then had a baby.

As an exasperated parent at times, I have asked my husband–what should we do when it seems like nothing is working to break my son of a bad habit. Do you think Mary asked Joseph or did she just pray and ask Jesus’ Father? Was there favoritism on Joseph’s part with his other kids? Do you even offer advice to Jesus–the All-Knowing Son of God? Do you ask Him questions?

I admire this family. Born out of wedlock, half-siblings, Jesus being the smartest kid. Talk about a reputation. Did people gossip about them? They had issues, just like you and me.

What an honor and tragedy Mary experienced. This was her son and she watched Him die a brutal death when He did nothing wrong and she could do nothing. Yes, He did rise from the dead 3 days later, but still my heart goes out to her.

I admire Mary. She was a willing servant of God. I admire Joseph. He stayed with Mary and loved her through all of this. This is a couple we can look up to.

Be blessed:)

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Discussion (5 Comments)

  1. Love this…I’ve been thinking about how things were for Mary and Joesph brought up some great points. Merry Christmas friend 🙂

    • Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Be blessed:)

  2. Love this!! I think about things like that too!! Always reminded of I treat others when I think of Mary and Joseph.

  3. I’m a ponderer, so many of these things have galloped across my brain at times, too. God knows exactly what He’s doing and I think He placed Jesus in just the right situation with parent who would love Him and each other.

    • I didn’t even think about Him being with a couple that is a gives marriage a good name. Thank you for that and for stopping by. Be blessed:)

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