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3 Years Ago Today

01/13/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 10 Comments

My life changed forever 3 years ago today.

Back story: In 2009, we were told we could try and get pregnant again after we lost our first baby. I can’t tell you how many failed pregnancy tests I took that year. We were going to have to look into options to help us get pregnant. Then, we decided to go to Ireland for my 30th birthday. I told myself that I wasn’t going to take another pregnancy test. I wasn’t going pursue other options yet, not until after our trip.

Leading up to this day, had been exciting. Our trip to Ireland was finally happening! But, for the past few days I had not been feeling well. Having a cold isn’t uncommon in January. Having a cold that mad me feel nauseous isn’t unheard of, but it would go away and I thought nothing of it.

The morning of January 13th, 2010, was like any other day, EXCEPT I woke up with nausea. Hmmm…..maybe? I had 1 pregnancy test left. I thought, OK–last time before Ireland in April. What I never thought possible again happened~~ we had a positive pregnancy test. I am talking a digital, no brainer, no counting faded lines~~PREGNANT! I asked questions–how, when, what?! I know, like I should know this stuff by now, but the questions came anyway!

Ireland~~ well, it didn’t happen. A volcano erupted and we canceled our trip. You know what? That is OK. Life comes with interruptions that I feel God has blessed me with. Even as I write this post, I have been interrupted and had a tickle fest with my now 2 year old son. I am ok with interruptions and plans that don’t go, well, according to my plan because I am convinced that God knew what would happen and has blessed me so much more than I could have planned for myself.

3 years ago today, 1 day after we booked the trip of a lifetime, God  interrupted my life with news that I was pregnant.  This was a miracle and a blessing.  I am so grateful for God’s interruptions. What about you? Any interruptions that God blessed you with? I would love to hear.

Be blessed:)

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Discussion (10 Comments)

  1. Loved tat line life comes with interruptions that I feel god has blessed me with! So true!!!

  2. Oh, five sweet interruptions have turned my life into a crazy quest for joy- not hard to find in all the noise and laughter around my house. I love how God interrupts us with His perfect plan even when we’re scripting another. Thanks for sharing your story! Stopping in from the mom initiative today. Blessings to you.

  3. That is encouraging! I am a teacher so I CONSTANTLY being “interrupted” the day never usually is 100% as planned but that is a blessing as it has taught me patience. Thank you for the encouragement! Maybe soon my husband and I will have permanent encouragement 😉

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Love that you find blessings in interruptions. Be blessed:)

  4. Wow! That’s a pretty awesome interruption. We’ve been trying and just did our first IUI a couple months ago which failed. The docs have told us short of a miracle, IUI, IVF or an adoption, our family may always consist of husband and wife. But the real miracle in all of this is we’re perfectly fine with that. Not what we thought or planned, but we are so in love and enjoying every moment of this life together. We’ve never felt sorry for ourselves or as though our current family wasn’t enough. I don’t even take pregnancy tests any more so the Lord might have to bop me upside the head to let me know I’m pregnant, if it happens :)..

    • LOVE! Sorry you are struggling, but glad you are happy!
      Be blessed:)

  5. What a great reminder to NOT mind the interruptions! Wow. Needed that – thank you!

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