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Ordinary~~Five Minute Friday

03/01/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 6 Comments

Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker over at Tales from a Gypsy Mama gives us a word and a challenge. To write for 5 minutes without abandon. It is fun and I encourage you to try it. Here we go! The word is…


I struggle with being ordinary. I struggle with it because it seems boring. It seems like I am not making a difference. Staying at home with my son has made me re-evaluate my ministry. Yes, I want to do more. I have always believed moms do awesome things in the ordinary, but when it was my turn, I didn’t believe it for myself. I have to WORK at finding the amazing in the ordinary. I wish I didn’t, but I guess I am still adjusting to not working full-time outside of the home.

I believe without a doubt that God has made everyone of us for a purpose, but I struggle to see what He wants me to do with my ordinary life. The chores and the time with my son, I hope, help make an ordinary life more of a home that my husband and son want to come home to because there is no other place they want to be.

I write from an ordinary life hoping it will help others, bless others, and that people will see my amazing Savior.

Be blessed:)

Five Minute Friday

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Discussion (6 Comments)

  1. Aww I so get this… When I stopped working full time I struggled with how boring my life was. I struggled with God and He helped me see that being a mom and wife is a high calling and it is not ordinary and neither are you Jen I think your pretty amazing!!

    • Glad I am not alone. Thank you so much for your encouragement~~you are awesome. Be blessed:)

  2. You can do this! I’m the mom of three sons and when I came to know Jesus, when I gave him my whole heart and life, He brought me home to my family. My boys have thrived and my life and purpose was defined. You are not an ordinary woman for you have chosen a sacrificial path. I remember last year when my middle olive shoot (son) told me he recognized that I had given so much to him by choosing to stay at home. May the Lord refresh you and encourage you today!

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am so glad you stopped by and be blessed:)

  3. I love what oliveshootinstitute said! She’s so right on! You are clearly not an ordinary woman because you’ve chosen a sacrificial path, indeed! You can do this, my friend! Just know that you’re not alone, because believe me, we’ve all felt like that too!

    • Thank you Jamie. I am so glad that I am not alone. Thank you so much for stopping by and be blessed:)

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