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God Loves Even Me

03/28/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 2 Comments

This is Resurrection week and it  has me thinking about Easter and why Jesus died. Jesus died for sinners. Who is that? EVERYONE. There is a lot of finger pointing about certain sin, but not ALL sin. These verses came to my attention recently:

Psalm 5:5-7

Therefore, the proud may not stand in your presence,
for you hate all who do evil.
You will destroy those who tell lies.
The Lord detests murderers and deceivers.

Because of your unfailing love, I can enter your house;
I will worship at your Temple with deepest awe.

You know what I see? God hates those of us who are prideful, liars, murderers, and deceivers. So, if I believe what the Bible says, (and I do,) then God hates me when I am arrogant~~just as much as those who murder, lie, and deceive. Who hasn’t been guilty of lying or arrogance? I know I have, but the difference? These sins don’t seem to be singled out like others. I think we need to remember that sin is sin. There is no minor versus major sin. Yes, there are different consequences for sin here on earth, but all sin sent Jesus to Calvary. Because Jesus died that brutal, horrible death and rose 3 days later, there is hope. There is spiritual healing. I can not express enough gratitude to my Savior who saved me, this sinner who is not worthy of the grace that I receive daily. God Loves Even Me. He sees my thoughts and sees my arrogance, fear, anxiety. He sees when I lose my temper, when I don’t build people up. He sees my rudeness, bad attitude, and when I gossip. He sees me when I am resentful, prideful, fearful, filled with anxiety and when I take people on guilt trips. Despite all of that, God Loves Even ME.  I am grateful for the hope I have in Jesus–that I have a Savior who loves me enough that He died FOR ME.

What do I need to do? I need to tell others about Him. I need to not judge and give guilt trips to people and let the Holy Spirit do the convicting. I want people to see Jesus in me. Yes, I might offend, but I want people to see love, not acceptance of sin, just like you shouldn’t accept my sin. Jesus didn’t die a brutal death for certain sins or certain people. He did it for all. (Romans 3:23-26) So, in my humble opinion we need to stop singling out certain sin. Let’s stop public attacks, including social media and blogs.

I am striving to be more like Jesus~~ that is what I hope you see. Not someone who agrees with the world, but loves the people in it, including my fellow Christians. I need to be more like Jesus than the people who brought the adulteress to Him. (John 8:1-11).  He acted out of love without saying sin was ok. We need to stop being modern day Pharisees.  So what is the next step for me? Apologizing.

I am sorry for pointing fingers and trying to be God. I am sorry for how I said one sin is going to ruin us all. It is all sin. No, I don’t want to tolerate or brush issues under the rug and pretend it isn’t there, but I can’t think myself better than anyone. I am not Jesus and I don’t believe Jesus would do what I have done. I am sorry for hating one sin more than others. I am sorry for being self-righteous. So I don’t do some sin, but I do sin. It is all the same people. Can we remember that~~ and not just at Easter?

Be blessed:)

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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. You spoke my heart, Jen.

    • That makes me smile:) Thank you for stopping by and be blessed:)

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