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04/19/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 13 Comments

Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker over at Tales from a Gypsy Mama gives us a word and a challenge. To write for 5 minutes without abandon. It is fun and I encourage you to try it. Here we go! The word is…


Last night, after coming home from Bible study, I was trying to talk to my 2 year old son. I was asking him about music class and how it went. Well, according to my husband, it went well. I don’t know what led to the next turn of events, but my son jumped. Now, this is not news worthy to a lot of you. I get that, but for me, I wanted to cry tears of joy. MY SON JUMPED FOR THE FIRST TIME! Having a child with delays and wondering what the future holds is scary. When he finally starts to reach a milestone, I want to jump up and down with excitement. So now, hopefully you can see why this mama’s heart is elated!

I can’t honestly understand why my son couldn’t jump. Isn’t it natural? I did have people try and reassure me, but I couldn’t help but worry. I would try and teach him, but I don’t know~~ maybe he wasn’t ready. Maybe he didn’t understand. Maybe it took watching others in music class to figure it out. Maybe he was brave. I don’t know. I do know that he is now starting to jump and I couldn’t be more excited.

Maybe I am to learn from this. To jump in the deep end instead of staying in the safe and shallow end. I don’t know if I am trying to do life on my own and need to swim out in waters that are uncharted to me and trust God more. To take more risks. To search myself more. To love better. To forgive easier. To not hold on to hurt and resentment. To take more chances. To be willing to see what God wants to show me. To do what is uncomfortable.

I do know that in taking risks, I won’t drown. It may feel like, but if I am obedient to God, He will bring me safely to shore. There will be attacks by sharks of different forms. (Ridicule, temptations, more hurt, etc.) Satan knows how to get to me (yes, I know Satan is called a serpent, but work with me here) and I will need to use the weapon (the Bible) that God has given me, and all of us to survive.  It will help me swim against the current of the familiar and the safety that I have known and, due to obedience and trusting God, I will be a better and more brave for the next jump.

I admire my son. I now know that jumping is hard, sometimes unsafe, brave, and not as natural as I thought. He did it and I couldn’t be more proud or excited. That is how I want God to think of me~~ proud. Proud to call me His daughter, and all because I jumped.

Be blessed:)

Side note–yes, I went longer than 5 minutes. Breaking this rule did feel good:)

Five Minute Friday

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Discussion (13 Comments)

  1. Hi Jennifer. Your story of your son jumping for the first time touched me deeply. What a precious moment for a Mom. I love the idea of all of us taking more risks as we depend on His life in us to move out of our comfort zones and into the currents of life. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for your support and encouragement. It blesses me. I am so glad you stopped by.

  2. I KNEW you went longer than 5 minutes 😉 but those are the kinds of rules that are made to be broken. Especially when you are writing about such things as these. Praising God with you that your son made this huge step…jump!

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement and celebrating with me! I am so blessed you stopped by.

  3. by kim

    Great post thanks for sharing

  4. by SKWard

    LOVE THIS!!!! So proud of D & so happy for you! I’m starting to teeter with taking more risks and you are so right-trusting God is such a big part! ((HUGS))

    • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see what God has for you girl!!! Thank you so much for stopping by

  5. Such a touching post, bless you.

  6. I am so glad to see that your son jumped and he gaining milestones on his timeline. Thank you for sharing your perspective. You are so right, God made us, loves us, and is proud of us for trusting, following and gaining spiritual milestones. Even when our timeline is different from someone else’s.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by, commenting, and for your encouragement.

  7. Congratulations on reaching that milestone. As a speech-language therapist who worked with little ones for many years, I know that excitement of setting a goal for a child and then seeing him//her reach it. It is easy to connect with God in those moments. You are blessed and I pray you will continue to trust in our beautiful God.

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