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A Letter To Myself

05/16/2013 - Author: Jennifer - No Comments

Dear Weary Mom,

This is a letter to myself really. This has been a hard road, and my son is only 2. I thought that when my son was at this age we would be in a routine, but we are not. I thought that he would sleep through the night. However, he is proving to be a night owl and his parents are not. I thought that I would have more confidence as a mom. Instead it seems that I have more failures than victories, so there is no way to have confidence that I am doing a good job.

Please mom, believe me when I say that your son being delayed in certain areas is not your fault and not a form of punishment. Please~~ find the good that is there. Focus on what he can do. Celebrate the victories that you do have.

Another thing to remind myself of~~ I am going to fail, but God is with me. I have to remind myself that when I don’t speak in a loving manner  that there is forgiveness for me. I am not a hopeless cause. There is redemption. I am where I am meant to be~~ a mom with a son who is just trying to learn, grow, and survive. Just like me. He doesn’t act out because he hates me.  My son and I~~ we both have lessons to learn and grace to give each other. Weary mom, also remember to give yourself grace.

Before I was a mother, I thought that I would do all of the teaching to my child. My son has helped me learn lessons that God knew I needed. I am grateful. Really I am. I don’t judge as much as I used to and I don’t have all of the answers that I did before I had the title of mom. So, to all of the moms out there~~ I offer an apology to you for when I judged you and saw ALL of the ways you weren’t doing it right. Please forgive me. I now see that we all are doing the best we can and holding on to hope.

Be blessed:)

Linking up over at Hope for the Weary Mom today. If you need encouragement, you should stop by.

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