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Overwhelmed by Community

06/10/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 5 Comments

My family vacationed in Florida and visited old friends. It was amazing! Yes, I loved visiting the beaches and restaurants where we used to frequent when we lived there, but the best part? The people. The are wonderful! They extended kindess and love, and it humbled me. It overwhelmed me. Their hospitality was second to none.

There is so much blessing in community. I adore my friends in Florida. You know why? They made time. They asked if I wanted to get together. I said yes. They made it happen. There were over 20 people in one house enjoying food and fellowship. Yes, these are busy people. Most of us have kids and schedules and busy lives. Most of the people there are teachers trying to survive the end of the school year and attend graduation parties. One couple is preparing to move half way across the country with kids. Another family there made time to come over and visit while their daughter was visiting from out of state. Can we say busy?  This needy gal needed this fellowship. I needed a reminder that there are people out there who make time to reconnect in real life. I needed to see that it is worth the effort to make people feel important, even if it may be inconvenient. (I do believe that it is NOT an inconvenience if a good time is had. I just don’t).

There is a lot of talk about community, and my Florida friends put it into practice. They set a standard on how to do it. I witnessed a lot of talk about how they help each other by watching each other’s kids and walking together for fellowship. It was amazing to hear how they put community into practice. It just came natural to them. I don’t know if God blessed me with this time of fellowship just to bless me or if was because I needed it. I don’t care. I am grateful.

You hear a lot of chatter that if  you want to make people feel important, make an effort. Be intentional. It isn’t always perfect, but my friendships are worth it. It is not too much to ask. It has proven to me. I love that community and I miss them. Thankfully, God has provided me with a community where I live now, and for that, I am grateful. We make time for each other and when they say they will pray for me, I believe them. They are fabulous and I love them. God fulfilled a need when He blessed me with these gals and I hope that I can be just half the blessing they are to me. I am grateful for His provisions. I am trying to live out community better~~ how about you? How do you do community on semi-regular basis?

Be blessed:)

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Discussion (5 Comments)

  1. Beautifully written sweet friend!!! You are precious to me! Hugs 🙂 Mindy

  2. I so wish we cld just chat over coffee. Love your writing, my friend.

    • Thank you so much! I adore your writing and hope to one day have coffee with you this side of heaven.

      • by Stacy

        Girl, I would speak in front of a crowd just to hug your neck in person. LOL I figure that would be less awkward than you coming to my bathroom. 😉

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