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06/21/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 10 Comments

Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker over at Tales from a Gypsy Mama gives us a word and a challenge. To write for 5 minutes without abandon. It is fun and I encourage you to try it. Here we go! The word is…



This thing we call life has a rhythm to it, yet there is no routine. It is an oxymoron. We don’t have a strict schedule. I don’t follow the rules of motherhood very well, but I like the rhythm we have. I like the flexibility I allow me and my son to have. Our rhythm will change like the weather. We can base what we do when the weather changes. Maybe we will go play in water or the zoo. Sometimes, the rain keeps us in.

Change is good, I think. I look forward to the changing of the rhythm as he grows, this strong-willed and  lovable boy. I try and cherish these moments we have now, like when he wants to dance with me to a certain song. I get my laptop out, and he expects me to play the song so we can dance.

My son sets the rhythm too. He is becoming his own little man and sometimes, I can’t seem to keep up. Yes, change equals growth, and I celebrate it. Sometimes, the rhythm seems fast and sometimes, painfully slow, but I am trying to enjoy this time, here and now, and dance right where we are.

Be blessed:)

Five Minute Friday

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Discussion (10 Comments)

  1. by kim


  2. I love that we both posted about our dancing boys! I love the rhythm they give to our lives.

    Blessings, dear friend!

    • I know, right? Life would be boring without them. Thank you so much for stopping by and be blessed:)

  3. Our family is similar, Jennifer! We do like some structure to our days but it is definitely more of a rhythm than a routine — one that is often swaying with the days, the seasons, and our moods! 🙂

    • YEAH–glad I am not the only one. Sometimes, structure is WAY overrated. Thanks so much for stopping by and be blessed:)

  4. Beautiful words! Dancing right were are in life is truly a gift. Blessings!

  5. rhythm without routine… that is a beautiful perspective… finally getting to some #FMF reading! beautiful words

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