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After the Conference, during the Devotionals

08/05/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 3 Comments

For many years, I thought that you only attended a marriage conference, read marriage books, etc. when your marriage was in trouble. Then, I thought that if you read the books and put into practice what you read, that you wouldn’t have those same issues. Your marriage would be stronger. I never thought that you cold do those things when marriage was good. Attending and doing those things were a sign that your marriage was bad. A bad sign.

I didn’t know that you could attend/do those things when things were good and to help your marriage. I didn’t know books and conferences could maybe help prevent bad or even worsening things to happen in your marriage. I never saw them as a way to protect my marriage. I certainly did not know times would get harder. I thought you only fought when you disagreed what was being said, not an attack from the enemy.

Well, I am learning that conferences can help a good or bad marriage and that times will get hard if effort is being put forth. Not just because change is hard, but because Satan doesn’t like strong marriages, especially when a husband and wife work as a team by seeking God and studying His Word together.

So, I caution you—your marriage may get harder and you may fight more., but please DO NOT LET SATAN WIN. Fight the good fight.

As a side note, I don’t believe this applies only to marriages. I believe this can happen in your workplace, parenting, etc. My marriage is just one area that I am fighting for.

Be blessed:)

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Discussion (3 Comments)

  1. So blessed by your writing this morning. It is so true, whenever we do the hard work God has called us to in any aspect of our lives Satan puts up a fight. He doesn’t want us to have the freedom God is calling us to. Let us never forget this, so we can be on guard and pray daily for protection from the evil one.

  2. by J. Garcia

    I have been married for 8.5 yrs and my husband left the house about a month ago and wants a divorce. He’s been unfaithful many times but we’ve stayed together I guess for the sake of our son. He had never left before, so this makes me think he really wants out this time. He was raised Pentecostal and saved by our Lord from cancer in his pancreas, but in his teenage years he strayed from the Lord. I want to save our marriage but what good is that going to do if its not my husbands desire to do so. Do I keep praying and fighting or do I give up? I love my husband with all my heart and maybe I had never known how much until now. I really gave my all this last try and I saw him trying to. But suddenly he said he didn’t love me anymore and that he got back together with me because he didn’t want to see me struggle alone with our son. I think its because he had met somebody else. I found messages from him to another lady. I don’t want the enemy to win.

    • I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. I say yes, pray. Pray for direction, strength, peace. You can only do your part. You can certainly pray for your husband, Surrender your husband, your marriage,your son, and your desires to God. That is so hard for me to do and a daily struggle honestly. I hope this helps and please know that I have prayed. Be blessed:)

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