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Getting Knocked Off My Christian Pedestal

09/26/2013 - Author: Jennifer

PedestalI remember me and my bridesmaids driving to the bridal shop. It was a beautiful day. The day when you have the windows down in the car (good thing since I didn’t have air-conditioning). We were chatting about how wonderful marriage was and our husbands would never do anything to jeopardize our marriage. We were going to be examples of how marriage should be. We were Christians and had God on our side. We had it figured out.

Well,  4 years into marriage I had a wake-up call.

Stop by my friend Stacy’s place to read what God has taught me. There is purpose in pain.

Be blessed 🙂

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Am I All In?

09/22/2013 - Author: Jennifer

We are currently talking about Gideon in church. Personally, I find Gideon very relatable. God met him where he was and told him to do something big. Gideon had a hard time believing it. He asked for a sign, not once, but twice. He got the sign the first time, but still needed more.

I am always asking for proof. I am always second-guessing if this is what God wants of me~~ and if it is, then how is He going to make it happen. God always meets us where we are at. Really, he is already there.

Am I All In

Something was said Sunday that stayed with me. Gideon likes the idea, but not the route. You know what it made me think? Am I all in? Am I going to question Him the whole time He is guiding me or go in faith? Am I going to delight in His will and grow or keep questioning Him?

Am I all in?

Interested in Gideon’s story? Read it in Judges 6-8.

Be blessed:)

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Sorry + Forgiveness

09/19/2013 - Author: Jennifer

Sorry ForgiveMy son is 3 and I am trying to teach him manners and responsibility and you know, stuff about life. He has a learning disability and doesn’t comprehend well. When it comes to teaching him conversations, he often repeats everything because he doesn’t understand how conversations work. You know, someone talks and you respond to what they say.

One of the things I want to instill in him is apologizing and forgiveness. When he disobeys, I have him say “sorry” and then I respond by saying “I forgive you”. Recently, he had to apologize. When I prompted him by asking what do you say, he said “sorry”. Then he said “I forgive you”. He is confused, but it did make me pause. To him, it is a complete thought. For my sweet 3 year old, you can’t have one without the other. There are no conditions. He isn’t aware that we have twisted forgiveness. To him, forgiveness is immediate. 

Another lesson taught to me by my 3 year old. Forgive without conditions.

Be blessed:)


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What Road is He Taking Me On?

09/12/2013 - Author: Jennifer

What RoadThere are some things that I am anxious about. We have an unknown future for my son awaiting a diagnosis. I have bad lab results that call for further testing. I am scared. I fight discouragement and fear everyday. I am working to have joy. I am working at spending time with my son before he starts pre-school. I am scared of what further testing might reveal, but I would also be scared if I didn’t go through the tests.

I know that I am not living the best I can. I am grateful that God forgives my doubt and fear. I know He is bigger than this. I believe that He doesn’t mind my questions.  I know that He can make everything better, but I don’t know what He is going to do and I don’t believe that makes me less of a Christian.

Psalm 18:30 God’s way is perfect.
All the Lord’s promises prove true.
He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.

I am still scared and I don’t always like what God is doing in my life, but I still need to trust and obey Him. I need to believe it is for the best and it will bring Him glory.

I don’t know how much of a transition I am going to go through, but I do know this–that when opposition comes, it doesn’t always mean that it isn’t God’s will. Sometimes I think He wants us to fight. Sometimes, I think we need to persevere. He doesn’t promise easy. He promises to never leave. Deuteronomy 31:6.  “So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” (NLT)

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Fresh Vision

09/05/2013 - Author: Jennifer

Fresh VisionIn Luke 5:1-11, we read a story of obedience. These men had fished without catching anything. I imagine that being a bad day of work. Then Jesus told Simon to go out again and fish. Simon didn’t want to, but he did it out of obedience. Then we read that Simon caught too many fish for the nets to hold.

I don’t think Simon expected greatness when he dropped his net. I think he was expecting nothing.  Jesus didn’t ridicule or put Simon down when he argued.  Jesus showed love with His patience. (1 Corinthians 13:4).  Simon’s obedience was rewarded even though he had doubt.

I am jealous and I am struggling. I feel like my obedience is bringing more heartbreak. (Yes, I am embarrassed to admit that I am whining). I want to see results NOW!  I don’t like the process of refinement. Why do I have this sense of entitlement? Why do I expect a reward?  Why is my faith so weak? My reward isn’t here on earth~~  I have to believe.  I feel like I need to see big evidence of God working. I want to see healing and miracles before I am obedient anymore.

I need  a fresh perspective and vision. I need to believe God will do what He needs to do if I allow Him, not that He is going to do what I WANT OR EXPECT. I need to serve out of love and thankfulness to God for sending Jesus. I need to let go of my expectations~~ what I WANT. I need to want what He knows is best for me. I can’t worship God based on circumstances. I don’t have to thank Him for the valley, but I do need to be obedient and serve Him out of love while I am in the valley. I need to let Him lead me through the valley and praise Him for what He has done in my life and what He is going to do, even if I don’t know what that is.

Be blessed:)

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