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Am I All In?

09/22/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 3 Comments

We are currently talking about Gideon in church. Personally, I find Gideon very relatable. God met him where he was and told him to do something big. Gideon had a hard time believing it. He asked for a sign, not once, but twice. He got the sign the first time, but still needed more.

I am always asking for proof. I am always second-guessing if this is what God wants of me~~ and if it is, then how is He going to make it happen. God always meets us where we are at. Really, he is already there.

Am I All In

Something was said Sunday that stayed with me. Gideon likes the idea, but not the route. You know what it made me think? Am I all in? Am I going to question Him the whole time He is guiding me or go in faith? Am I going to delight in His will and grow or keep questioning Him?

Am I all in?

Interested in Gideon’s story? Read it in Judges 6-8.

Be blessed:)

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Discussion (3 Comments)

  1. Thanks for sharing Jennifer. I feel very much the same a lot of the time!

  2. by Jennifer

    Good–I am not alone 🙂

  3. I LOVE Gideon. Like you said, he’s so relate-able. We’re always asking for proof, right?

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