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2 Costumes For The Price of 1

10/31/2013 - Author: Jennifer

I am pretty good about going with the flow. Maybe it is because my brain is so disorganizedthat I can’t get a good plan in place anyway, so there isn’t a a lot to mess up. This Halloween has shown me though that I still have it– the ability to go with the flow.

My son doesn’t care about too many things. He doesn’t know too much about superheros and characters. This presents a challenge when it comes to costumes. I feel like the pressure is on me (and I am NOT creative/crafty). So, I thought that I was brilliant when I thought of him dressing up as a construction worker. He enjoys watching those short movies. He had a pair of bibs. All I needed to buy was the tool belt and hard hat. Best of all, these are things he could play with later.

Well, put the costume on and he is cute. Best of all– the hard hat came with a flashlight. That, in his mind, was probably the best part. I saw my flaw when we were trunk-or-treating when someone said he was a coal miner. Umm…I didn’t think of that. I thought that the tool belt was a no-brainer as to what he was pretending to be.

You know what? I just went with it. Then I think that I scored a double points because I have 2 costumes for the price of 1! Are you jealous yet?

Anyway, I knew that as my son would get older, there were a lot of expectations that I would have to let go. This is a small, fun reminder. Now, this is not a big issue. I don’t have to look for blessings in disguise. I will in the future, but for now, I am getting a laugh out of it.

What about you? Do you find it easy to just take what comes your way, or is it difficult?

Happy Halloween everyone and be blessed:)

Happy Halloween

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Covenant vs. Contract

10/18/2013 - Author: Jennifer

My husband and I have started going to marriage counseling. This is such a difficult thing for me. It isn’t something that I ever thought my marriage would need. I will admit to arrogance on my part. I will admit that my pride was blinding me so that I thought that I didn’t need as much help as my husband did.

Hope you check out what the counselor made me question over at Unveiled Wife.

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The Guilt Has Started

10/13/2013 - Author: Jennifer

The Guilt Has StartedMy son is growing up. I noticed that his pajamas are too small. Time for another shopping trip. I know this is the way it is supposed to be. I celebrate his milestones.

Tomorrow will be his first day of pre-school. I know this is a good thing. There has been a lot of paperwork and evaluations leading up to this. It has been emotionally exhausting. It has been a long road getting here.

I think he knows. He doesn’t say anything. It is hard to gauge what he is feeling or thinking. That happens when you have a child with special needs and delay. I do not know when he is nervous. I do not know when he is excited. I do not know when he is anticipatory. This scares me. I feel a range of emotions. One of them is guilt.

I started a new job. I am excited, but struggle with mommy guilt. My son started going to daycare. I did not drop him off or pick him up that day. I was at my new job. I feel guilt. I will have the pleasure of dropping him off on his first day, but I will not be able to pick him up. I will be training at my new job. I am crying because of the guilt I feel. I also cry over the time I will not have with him. I am mourning over not enjoying my time at home with him more. I have prayed for forgiveness for my lack of appreciation for what I had.

When my son goes on his first field trip, I will not be able to go. Will he be the only one without his mom or dad who does not go? This is hurting me more than I ever thought it would. Does my son know that even if I can’t be there that I still love him? What does my son know? What does my son feel? Again, developmentally delayed and special needs hinders me from knowing.

These next couple of weeks will have my family in upheaval as we move into our new normal. The guilt I feel is heavy, even though my son and husband are adaptable. Honestly, this could not be done without my husband.

Yes, I know I have only 1 child. Yes, those of you with more kids have more chaos than me. Can I ask a favor? Please do not downplay how hard this is for me. He is my only child here on earth. I don’t get a “practice run” if you will. This is stressful. This is a happy time and a sad time for me. Please respect that.

So, I have guilt. I have excitement. I have gratefulness. I am in awe at how God has orchestrated this job. I know that my family is in His will. I do wonder if I will be a better mom because I have started working outside of the home. Is that wrong?

I will not let Satan take me down with guilt. You can help. Prayers and advice appreciated. I need all the strength and peace I can get.

Be blessed:)

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New Beginnings

10/08/2013 - Author: Jennifer


There are some changes going on here. I am excited. I have closed a couple chapters in my life, and am starting new ones.

  • No more vegetarian–I am reminded why I didn’t eat meat for over a decade. I.don’ I don’t think that my body likes it either.  UGH! So why did I start eating meat again? I wanted to be a better example for my son and share in family meals. Also, it is easier for everyone else (and cheaper).
  • My son is going to daycare. He is doing great! Just walks in. No tears. He loves to play there.
  • My son is starting pre-school. My boy is growing up. It is exciting. I am happy for him. I am hoping for this to be beneficial and that he will make great strides.
  • I have started working part-time. I am the new girl. It has been awhile. I am excited, nervous, and anticipatory. I will have a new title. No more stay-at-home mom, but working mom.
  • I left a job of 5 years. It was weird closing this chapter in my life.
  • Family time will be less. When my son starts pre-school and me working after, well, we are going to do what we can. I am grateful for a son who is very adaptable.
  • No more participating in social activities like I used to. Weekly evening meetings will be a thing of the past for me. Saturday morning coffee dates will have to be enough. I am grateful for adaptable friends.

You know what scares me with all of this? Organization (,or lack thereof)!  I can look at articles on how to get organized all I want, but people, I think I am scared of failing when trying to organize. I also think you have to be organized just to set up an organization system. Too overwhelming. A little background on my little family~~ we learn by trial and error. That is the best way for us. We fly by the seat of our pants. Believe me when I say we try to plan, but it doesn’t work for us. I am ok with this.

Please pray for our family as we open these new chapters in our lives. It is exciting. I don’t know how long these chapters are, but I am looking forward to them.

Be blessed:)

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10/04/2013 - Author: Jennifer

Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker gives a word prompt for writers to write without abandon for 5 minutes. Sometimes the rules are broken, but the words bloggers write are great. Today, the word is….


I can’t believe that I have a blog~~ a place to write. I am not good with words. I don’t write stories. English and Literature were my least favorite subjects. I don’t write poetry. Honestly, poetry usually bores me.

I question a lot if I should write. Do people really honestly care what I have to say? Does God want to use me in this way? He is using others. He has gifted people with words that they can use to reach the masses with their stories. I don’t feel needed.

Sometimes writing is therapeutic for me. I never was one to keep a journal. I would try, but give up. Now, however, sometimes, I have to write out my prayers. Sometimes, speaking isn’t enough. It is also nice to see where I have come from~~ where He has brought me.

I remember my first post. I didn’t blog then. A blogger was gracious enough to use my story. Some people understood. A lot of people criticized.

I write because I hope that someone will visit my corner of the world and be encouraged. I write to get advice. I pray I make a difference.

Be blessed:)

Five Minute Friday

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When I Doubt

10/02/2013 - Author: Jennifer

SONY DSCThere are some verses that we overlook in the Bible. There are some verses that we memorize as children because we get stickers in Sunday School. Then there are verses that speak to us during seasons in life.

Today, I am over at Unveiled Wife talking about a verse about doubt. Hope you stop by. Also, what are your go-to verses in life?

Be blessed:)

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