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New Beginnings

10/08/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 2 Comments


There are some changes going on here. I am excited. I have closed a couple chapters in my life, and am starting new ones.

  • No more vegetarian–I am reminded why I didn’t eat meat for over a decade. I.don’ I don’t think that my body likes it either.  UGH! So why did I start eating meat again? I wanted to be a better example for my son and share in family meals. Also, it is easier for everyone else (and cheaper).
  • My son is going to daycare. He is doing great! Just walks in. No tears. He loves to play there.
  • My son is starting pre-school. My boy is growing up. It is exciting. I am happy for him. I am hoping for this to be beneficial and that he will make great strides.
  • I have started working part-time. I am the new girl. It has been awhile. I am excited, nervous, and anticipatory. I will have a new title. No more stay-at-home mom, but working mom.
  • I left a job of 5 years. It was weird closing this chapter in my life.
  • Family time will be less. When my son starts pre-school and me working after, well, we are going to do what we can. I am grateful for a son who is very adaptable.
  • No more participating in social activities like I used to. Weekly evening meetings will be a thing of the past for me. Saturday morning coffee dates will have to be enough. I am grateful for adaptable friends.

You know what scares me with all of this? Organization (,or lack thereof)!  I can look at articles on how to get organized all I want, but people, I think I am scared of failing when trying to organize. I also think you have to be organized just to set up an organization system. Too overwhelming. A little background on my little family~~ we learn by trial and error. That is the best way for us. We fly by the seat of our pants. Believe me when I say we try to plan, but it doesn’t work for us. I am ok with this.

Please pray for our family as we open these new chapters in our lives. It is exciting. I don’t know how long these chapters are, but I am looking forward to them.

Be blessed:)

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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. Yay for new chapters!! How exciting (and scary at times, right?)! New adventures are glorious things. And while organization does help, it’s also okay to fly by the seat of your pants. You’re going to rock this!

  2. by Jennifer

    Thank you so much Jamie!

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