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2 Costumes For The Price of 1

10/31/2013 - Author: Jennifer - No Comments

I am pretty good about going with the flow. Maybe it is because my brain is so disorganizedthat I can’t get a good plan in place anyway, so there isn’t a a lot to mess up. This Halloween has shown me though that I still have it– the ability to go with the flow.

My son doesn’t care about too many things. He doesn’t know too much about superheros and characters. This presents a challenge when it comes to costumes. I feel like the pressure is on me (and I am NOT creative/crafty). So, I thought that I was brilliant when I thought of him dressing up as a construction worker. He enjoys watching those short movies. He had a pair of bibs. All I needed to buy was the tool belt and hard hat. Best of all, these are things he could play with later.

Well, put the costume on and he is cute. Best of all– the hard hat came with a flashlight. That, in his mind, was probably the best part. I saw my flaw when we were trunk-or-treating when someone said he was a coal miner. Umm…I didn’t think of that. I thought that the tool belt was a no-brainer as to what he was pretending to be.

You know what? I just went with it. Then I think that I scored a double points because I have 2 costumes for the price of 1! Are you jealous yet?

Anyway, I knew that as my son would get older, there were a lot of expectations that I would have to let go. This is a small, fun reminder. Now, this is not a big issue. I don’t have to look for blessings in disguise. I will in the future, but for now, I am getting a laugh out of it.

What about you? Do you find it easy to just take what comes your way, or is it difficult?

Happy Halloween everyone and be blessed:)

Happy Halloween

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