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11/01/2013 - Author: Jennifer - 4 Comments

GraceEvery Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker offers a word prompt and tells you to write for 5 minutes. It is a fun, safe place.

Today, the word is…..


Everyone needs it. Everyone needs to give it. It is hard sometimes. When you need to give it to someone who purposely hurts you.

When you give it, there is freedom. There is a weightlessness that comes over you and the person who receives it.

Sometimes, grace is hard to receive. The shame is too much. Or we can be too embarassed. We can hold a grudge on ourselves.

Humility accompanies grace.

I need to be an example to my son, and those around me, of grace. When I am asked to give it.

I have asked for grace many of times recently. Being at a new job. WOW! The humility that comes with needing grace.

There can be no strings attached. There can be no “only if’s” with grace~~ only freedom and gratefulness.

Grace can offer new beginnings. A fresh start. When I think about it, grace is more amazing than I give credit.

Grace saves and I am thankful.

Be blessed 🙂

Five Minute Friday

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Discussion (4 Comments)

  1. Such a blessing. I wrote today on God’s grace, I love that you took it to our grace (or lack there of it at times.)

  2. Beautiful!! Grace can offer a new beginning, a fresh start! Love that!!! So glad you wrote!! I am always blessed when you write!!

  3. Hey there. I love your blog. Thanks so much for this particular post. I am definitely learning all about grace… especially being thousands of miles away from my Kenyan husband as we await his Spousal Visa approval. Please pray for us!

    • by Jennifer

      Prayers sent! Be blessed:)

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