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Random Thoughts about a Boymom

12/10/2013 - Author: Jennifer



My perspective has changed since becoming a boymom. I love it. The title is such an honor. There is a boymom that I have thought about since my son was born: Mary.

I do wonder what Mary was thinking. Did she understand the enormity? I know she loved God, but did she think it was a huge privilege, or more scared because of who Jesus, her son, is. As a mom, I am scared that I am scarring my son for life when I make mistakes. But, did Mary ever have a thought about messing up the Son of God? Yes, Jesus was perfect, but He was also human.

I wonder what was going through Joseph’s mind. Watching the girl you love give birth in less than ideal conditions. Did he fight jealousy because Jesus was not his son? Did He wish the boy Mary was pushing was his? Did he feel honored to be there?  Did they fight over how to raise Jesus?

Did Mary wonder where Jesus got His looks from? Did Mary wish she would have cherished more times when Jesus was an infant? ( I know I do).  Did she wish she wasn’t far from home? When you become a mom, most moms want to tell the world and have visitors. Well, Mary did get visitors, but not family. The birth announcement was pretty impressive, I am sure. I told people on Facebook–God sent angels to tell about the birth of His Son, Jesus.

Did Mary know that her Son was around since the beginning of time? That He was there when Mary was conceived. It is so backwards.

The pain must have been unimaginable for Mary as she watched her baby boy die. (I really don’t think our babies stop being our babies). Was she ever mad at God–asking why her? Why did she have to watch her firstborn go through this? Did she ever wish it was someone else who had her pain? Did she ever think “Let someone else carry the burden of the world’s salvation. They can have it. I want my son back.” (She did get Him back 3 days later, but still).

I admire Mary’s obedience. I respect her. Maybe we will chat in Heaven. She does have quite the story to tell.

Be blessed:)

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