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03/07/2014 - Author: Jennifer

Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker gives a word prompt and encourages bloggers and writers to write for 5 minutes with out abandonment. Today the word is…


Ready willing and able–I don’t know who said it, but it is popular.

Here is the thing–I don’t think that you have to be all 3. I think there are times where I thought I was all 3, but learned that I wasn’t and have had some lessons on humility given to me.

You think you are ready for marriage, parenting, college, work, etc. Maybe you are, but maybe, just maybe, you are only ready and able, but not willing to do some things. Maybe you could volunteer more or spend more time outside of your normal, but you are not willing.

I think that my walk with Jesus is teaching me that I am usually not willing. I am not always ready. I am not always able. Is He asking me to do something that I am not any of the 3, but need to step out and lean into Him to teach me so I am able. To give me the tools so I am ready. What is missing? I mean REALLY missing? My willingness to obey.

Maybe it is something to give up. Am I willing to stop doing something, no matter how much I like it, if it is for the better?

So being ready, willing, and able–overrated sometimes. I think willingness is a gift and that readiness and ability can be taught. Sometimes, we just have to step out in faith.

Be blessed 🙂

Five Minute Friday

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