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What I Don’t Regret

04/21/2014 - Author: Jennifer

34 No Regrets


I recently read a post by KC Proctor. He had a list of 31 things he didn’t regret. It was a fun post and inspired me to make a list of my own for my birthday. So, without further ado and no order…..

  1. Knowing Jesus
  2. Being a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan
  3. Being a Cincinnati Reds Fan
  4. Being a cheerleader (it is a sport)!
  5. Letting guys be chivalrous
  6. My 5 years living in Florida
  7. Being a virgin until I was married
  8. Not finishing The Wizard of Oz (way too annoying)
  9. Getting married at 22
  10. Marrying Matt
  11. Not having a child right away
  12. Having my son be an only child
  13. Getting an epidural
  14. Being a stay-at-home mom
  15. Being a working mom
  16. Taking vacations without my son
  17. My favorite souvenirs–shot glasses (cheap and last longer than a shirt)
  18. Not wearing make-up (nothing wrong with it, just usually go without)
  19. Laughing A LOT
  20. My pre-mature aging due to laugh lines
  21. Apologizing when I was wrong
  22. Exercising restraint by keeping my mouth shut (This can be tough for me)
  23. Using my pain for the good of others
  24. The times I was vulnerable
  25. Being honest with encouragement
  26. Showing and telling others when I appreciate them
  27. Buying our house
  28. My love of the beach
  29. My love for Starbucks
  30. My love of good food
  31. Vacationing without an agenda
  32. Not liking cheesecake
  33. Not liking pie
  34. Being an x-ray technologist and not a registered nurse  

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Why Get Dressed

04/08/2014 - Author: Jennifer

Why Get Dressed

When I became a mom and chose to stay home, I made a decision–I was going to get dressed.

Before I had my son, I would notice a lot of moms say they don’t care, don’t have time, wasn’t worth it when you don’t go anywhere (ummm….I see you out of the house) anywho… or they wear what is comfortable. What I saw was sad looking. They looked depressed. They looked sad when they say that being a mom is a good thing and are happy with where they are in life.  They looked tired (and probably are).

I personally do not believe in having “good yoga pants” or whatever. I also believe that if you wear clothes that are meant to work out in, then exercise. If you have clothes for lounging in, then please, lounge at home. Let’s make being a wife look appealing. Let’s make motherhood look fabulous, not depressing, dowdy, sad, or frumpy. I am not saying spend a lot of money or time, just a little effort.

Why I think that getting dressed is important:

  • I feel better. It helps my mood
  • I want to be an example for girls and my son–that being a wife and mom does not mean you have to “let yourself go”
  • I like looking good for my husband. Wearing pants that button and zip can communicate I love you, you are important, and you are worth some time
  • I don’t think it is sinful. Let me expand on that. Yes, I know that we shouldn’t judge how people look on the outside. No, we shouldn’t make fashion or make-up,etc an idol. We HAVE to wear clothes and I am not saying go in debt, but please, putting in effort should not be considered sinful.
  • Your husband appreciates it. You put effort when you were dating, so don’t stop.
  • Fashion can be an expression of who you are and what you like.
  • Remember who you were before kids. Before becoming a wife. Don’t forget who your husband fell in love with.

There will be times when you oversleep, kids get sick on you, etc. but can we please make that the exception and not the rule? Looking back, I appreciate my home-schooling mom who did get dressed everyday and I don’t remember her going out in pants that had elastic waistbands. Thank you mom!

Now, maybe because I live in a college town, but I have to get this out there. Husbands–if you are willing to spend over $50 on a sweatshirt to show what team you support, then please, be willing to spend a little on a shirt or jacket to wear when you go out with your wife.

I know that it can seem exhausting or seem useless sometimes, but maybe having a different attitude can help. You are worth it. Your husband is worth it. Your kids are worth it.

Be blessed 🙂


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Is There Really A Purpose To Marriage?

04/01/2014 - Author: Jennifer

I had the privilege of chatting with Unveiled Wife about Day 1 in her devotional Wife After God. You can click here to see the video. I wanted to expand on it a little bit.

I need to live less selflessly. I can’t serve expecting something in return. I can’t serve thinking that I am the better spouse. I have to stop thinking of ways that Matt can be better and how I can help him be better. I need to let God take care of him. If He wants to use me, then I am honored.  I also need to pray for me to be a better wife. I believe that being a better wife is being a better servant to Jesus.

It is true that I have never thought about marriage serving a purpose. Jennifer really did open my eyes to see that it does! How cool is that? That God would allow my marriage to be used for Him? (If I let Him). How amazing is it that one of the biggest blessings from Him can be a tool for Him? Ummm…sure! It never occurred to me that marriage can mirror God’s love–marriage can tell God’s love story. How did I miss this?! Ephesians 5:22-33 talks about it, but all I ever heard was how wives should submit. (People usually don’t talk about how husbands are to die for their wives, but, that is another topic).

Jennifer asked me something that God has taught me. One of the lessons is that Satan is the enemy, not Matt. Another one that I want to focus on is that God is always there. I remember hearing that growing up in Church, but it was usually in relation to sin. To me, it seemed like God was looking down ready to punish me when I sinned. I felt like church people were trying to help me not sin and disappoint God. Then I read it in the book To Walk or Stay by Lara Williams and saw it in another way. I saw grace. Then I didn’t give anymore thought until it hit me in the head. However, I can honestly say that I HAVE FELT GOD WITH ME when I followed His will and when I have not. When I doubt. When I fear. When I am faithful and obedient to His Word. When I use harsh words. When I have bad thoughts. When I have tried to leave my marriage. When I go to counseling. He never left me. When I asked God “Do I really have to do this?” and I already knew the answer. God taught me/proved to me that He didn’t show up–He was already there and always is. [Really, I cringe when people pray for God to show up. I am ok if, like me, you ask Him to reveal what He wants or prove Himself (again). I am thankful for grace. OK–enough ranting].

Another way that my marriage is a mirror of God’s love is grace. I am giving it and so is my husband. Jesus does this daily for me, so it is only right that it goes into my marriage.

Yes, I know that all marriages need grace and selflessness, but for some people, grace comes a whole lot easier for them than it does for me. There are wives out there who serve joyfully with ease. I am too lazy and selfish for that sometimes. Maybe sacrifice is a way your marriage tells people about Jesus and His love for you, me, and them. Maybe it is something else.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Jennifer’s obedience to serving God with Unveiled Wife. I encourage wives out there to get the devotional. It might be hard to do, but worth it!

Also, thank you Jennifer for taking the time to chat and for the opportunity to serve in the Unveiled Wife community.

Be blessed 🙂

P.S. I do roll my eyes a lot, but it is not because I am bored. I assure you. I have a tic and my eyes do that and I don’t even notice it.

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