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Why Get Dressed

04/08/2014 - Author: Jennifer - 2 Comments

Why Get Dressed

When I became a mom and chose to stay home, I made a decision–I was going to get dressed.

Before I had my son, I would notice a lot of moms say they don’t care, don’t have time, wasn’t worth it when you don’t go anywhere (ummm….I see you out of the house) anywho… or they wear what is comfortable. What I saw was sad looking. They looked depressed. They looked sad when they say that being a mom is a good thing and are happy with where they are in life.  They looked tired (and probably are).

I personally do not believe in having “good yoga pants” or whatever. I also believe that if you wear clothes that are meant to work out in, then exercise. If you have clothes for lounging in, then please, lounge at home. Let’s make being a wife look appealing. Let’s make motherhood look fabulous, not depressing, dowdy, sad, or frumpy. I am not saying spend a lot of money or time, just a little effort.

Why I think that getting dressed is important:

  • I feel better. It helps my mood
  • I want to be an example for girls and my son–that being a wife and mom does not mean you have to “let yourself go”
  • I like looking good for my husband. Wearing pants that button and zip can communicate I love you, you are important, and you are worth some time
  • I don’t think it is sinful. Let me expand on that. Yes, I know that we shouldn’t judge how people look on the outside. No, we shouldn’t make fashion or make-up,etc an idol. We HAVE to wear clothes and I am not saying go in debt, but please, putting in effort should not be considered sinful.
  • Your husband appreciates it. You put effort when you were dating, so don’t stop.
  • Fashion can be an expression of who you are and what you like.
  • Remember who you were before kids. Before becoming a wife. Don’t forget who your husband fell in love with.

There will be times when you oversleep, kids get sick on you, etc. but can we please make that the exception and not the rule? Looking back, I appreciate my home-schooling mom who did get dressed everyday and I don’t remember her going out in pants that had elastic waistbands. Thank you mom!

Now, maybe because I live in a college town, but I have to get this out there. Husbands–if you are willing to spend over $50 on a sweatshirt to show what team you support, then please, be willing to spend a little on a shirt or jacket to wear when you go out with your wife.

I know that it can seem exhausting or seem useless sometimes, but maybe having a different attitude can help. You are worth it. Your husband is worth it. Your kids are worth it.

Be blessed 🙂


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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. by Dan

    Sister, you are preaching to the choir on this one. SOOOO tired of jeans and athletic shoe and sweatshirts, the uniform du jour of America for the mall, theater, church, funeral home, doctors office, PTA, etc. How much more effort does it take to put on a pair of slacks that hang better and look better and feel better than a pair of worn jeans. How about a shirt that has a collar and buttons up the front, and a pair of shoes that take a shine. It makes going to the mall or to a casual dinner somehow a little more special.

    • by Jennifer

      A-MEN!!!!! Thank you for stopping by and posting this

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