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What I Don’t Regret

04/21/2014 - Author: Jennifer - No Comments

34 No Regrets


I recently read a post by KC Proctor. He had a list of 31 things he didn’t regret. It was a fun post and inspired me to make a list of my own for my birthday. So, without further ado and no order…..

  1. Knowing Jesus
  2. Being a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan
  3. Being a Cincinnati Reds Fan
  4. Being a cheerleader (it is a sport)!
  5. Letting guys be chivalrous
  6. My 5 years living in Florida
  7. Being a virgin until I was married
  8. Not finishing The Wizard of Oz (way too annoying)
  9. Getting married at 22
  10. Marrying Matt
  11. Not having a child right away
  12. Having my son be an only child
  13. Getting an epidural
  14. Being a stay-at-home mom
  15. Being a working mom
  16. Taking vacations without my son
  17. My favorite souvenirs–shot glasses (cheap and last longer than a shirt)
  18. Not wearing make-up (nothing wrong with it, just usually go without)
  19. Laughing A LOT
  20. My pre-mature aging due to laugh lines
  21. Apologizing when I was wrong
  22. Exercising restraint by keeping my mouth shut (This can be tough for me)
  23. Using my pain for the good of others
  24. The times I was vulnerable
  25. Being honest with encouragement
  26. Showing and telling others when I appreciate them
  27. Buying our house
  28. My love of the beach
  29. My love for Starbucks
  30. My love of good food
  31. Vacationing without an agenda
  32. Not liking cheesecake
  33. Not liking pie
  34. Being an x-ray technologist and not a registered nurse  

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