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The Blessing of Community

07/23/2014 - Author: Jennifer - 2 Comments


These past few weeks have been a blessing to me because of community. Here’s a short rundown:

  • I have had the privilege of  meeting new ladies at Bible Study. This excites me because of my work schedule, there are not many opportunities to do this, but I found one and signed up. I am so glad I did.
  • I was blessed to attend an Unveiled Wife Meet-up. I learned a few of things.
  1. My personal, quiet time with God is lacking.
  2. I need more accountability.
  3. I also feel more passionate for marriages.
  • I also said good-bye to a friend who is relocating. We met at our mutual friend’s Rachel‘s house. We have A LOT going on in our lives, but we made the time. I am glad we did. These women bless me and challenge me and I am grateful to have them in my life.

These communities are of different ladies, but there are a few similarities.

  • They share to help others and offer hope when you cling to Jesus. Really, there is no other way to make it through.
  • I really do love the generations that are represented. They bring life experiences and wisdom.
  • I also love and appreciate the seasons we all are in. We can all make a contribution.

We need community. It started in the beginning. Literally. God made Eve for Adam so he wouldn’t be lonely. I am not saying everyone needs a spouse. I am saying that we need human interaction. We need to make time. Stop making excuses. Be a part of community. Hopefully, you will bless others in the process.

Be blessed 🙂

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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. Awesome. I too have recently been Blessed with a great community of family and friends.

  2. by Dan

    Even though I am the sole author of my blog, I consider it a community driven resource. I commented recently on the blog that I actively mine the internet blogosphere to build that community. It would be fair to say that over half of the bloggers that subscribe to my blog were “wooed” by me through comments I made on their or other blogs. I wanted them in the community and “pursued” them..I choose to not be engine searchable so that I am able develop the community to best suit the current purposes of the ministry. I have people from many different backgrounds and lifestyles that comment. If you have clicked on some of my fellow bloggers, you have found a pretty mixed group. My goal is to build a diverse community that will provide perspectives across a broad spectrum. I can’t know everything when questions come up or even empathize with some of the problems people want help with. I seek out those who know what I don’t and who posses hearts willing to help heal others and hope to get them to be part of the community. That is how a guy writing a sex and relationship blog can be so well-received by women: by surrounding himself with them and letting them do the talking to other women when they are looking for another woman’s opinion..When they want mine, they’ll ask for it. I just get the ball rolling and try to let the community intervene.

    With nearly 15,000 views in 8 months I have only once not published a comment, and then because I felt I was being spammed.

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