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My 4 year old asked me what temptation is

11/03/2014 - Author: Jennifer

Question Marks

This past Saturday, my son was helping me make dinner. I love having him in the kitchen with me. I was shredding cheese for homemade macaroni and cheese. He was supervising and making sure the cheese tasted good by eating it before it could be put in the sauce. (I should tell you my son LOVES cheese). After eating more than he should, I told him to please stop and save some for dinner. He could not or would not do it, I really do not know. So I did what any good mom would do–I helped him out by removing the temptation from him. I told him “here, let me remove the temptation from you”. I could not have predicted what happened next.

My 4 year old son asked me what temptation is.! First, we are learning how to form conversations and he did it right. Second, I was challenged.  I tried to define it. (I honestly do not remember what I said). I didn’t pause. It almost felt natural to talk about this. (Divine intervention). God, please let me get this right.

My husband and I are trying to raise our son to want to follow God. I feel like a failure everyday. I am not making Jesus look good with how I live sometimes and I often wonder if my son will be turned off with a relationship with Jesus because of how I lived and what he saw. I have on more that one occasion asked God to fill in the gaps of my failures where my son is concerned.

The next day, I was talking to my husband about faith and wondered if our son will understand. I said I hope he gets his faith, not ours. Not mine. Not my husband’s. You see, my husband and I had piggy-backed on our parents faith for too long. We didn’t search out the Bible enough, we just did what was taught as we were growing up. I feel like I am recently coming into my own faith–meaning I am looking only to Jesus, not what my parents believe or how I was raised in Church to believe.

As parents, we have a responsibility to raise our kids and have God be our guide (Ephesians 6:4), but I can’t force my faith upon my son. I pray that he does believe and accept Christ as His Savior and strive to live for Him. But, I want my son to do it for himself, not for me or his father. Not that I mind if God wants to use me to help show our son the way. What an honor!

What about you? How did you come to know Jesus? Who challenges you to be a better follower and witness for our Savior?


Be blessed 🙂

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