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My Cake Carrier Made Me Pause

02/08/2015 - Author: Jennifer


If you have read my blog at all, you know that my husband Matt and I have/are in a difficult season of marriage. I believe that if you stay married long enough you just might have at least one. However, I do have things that I like about being a wife. I have been transformed in some ways that have literally made me pause. I am surprised even at some ways I have changed. I have even embraced it. Here are some things:

  • I now don’t mind cooking or baking. I don’t know how this happened. I was content to let others do it and support the economy and leave it to the professionals. However, I rarely have to throw out bad bananas. My husband even found the recipe for banana bread. (Isn’t he helpful)? (I also think that he secretly hopes that the bananas do go bad so bread can be baked, but I don’t know for sure).
  • I have a cake carrier. It hit me this past Labor Day. I was actually carrying a cake carrier with a cake that I baked. What.the.heck? I actually stopped and paused on the sidewalk. My husband didn’t get it, bless his heart. I thought that he knew me well enough to know that I was feeling comfortable and out of my element at the same time.
  • I have a slow-cooker. This is a big deal. I have had one before, but I either gave it away or threw it away. I honestly can not remember. So, I wanted to do this right. When we went shopping for it, I was looking at online reviews and everything like that because this was a big purchase. What?! Since I do work now, I think this new kitchen appliance excites my husband more. I have also learned that the slow-cooker can bring on many excited discussions and recipes from gals. I will admit, convenience is the word here and so far, this appliance has served us well.
  • He supports me working. I am happier now that I work outside the home (gasp) so that probably does help. He now makes dinner. I do miss doing that so when I can do it, it is enjoyable now instead of a chore. I was going to stay at home because isn’t that what the good Proverbs 31 woman does? Well, I have an opinion about that. Read at the end.
  • Now, I know that you don’t have to be a wife to enjoy doing or having these things. However, I had to say I do to Matt. I would not have done any of this if I didn’t have this man who enjoyed it. I would not have cared. Now I do, so I did.
  • Here is something that I do believe. I still would have a fulfilled life if God had a different plan for me. Marriage, kid(s), house, etc. does not/should not make one fulfilled. For me, it is a blessing to me that God has allowed me to have this family. Marriage has helped refined me. So has motherhood, but I have been a wife longer, so more refinement has happened there.

Now, my opinion on the Proverbs 31 woman–she shops and has helpers around the house.  Now that is some Old Testament I would not mind bringing back! (Yes, I might be taking it out of context, but lets have some fun here ladies). She works hard and maybe even works out. I do not believe that she did all of it in a 24 hour period. So ladies, calm down.

I do believe that the Proverbs 31 woman is someone all women can look up to, not just wives. I also believe that there are other women in the Bible we can learn from–good and not so good. Check out Rachel’s blog for a series she did about women in the Bible. Good stuff she has over there.

However, I came upon an article that I absolutely love. It is another look at Proverbs 31. It is so unlike what I have heard and believed growing up in church and I think that it is worth taking a look at. I wish I had this article when I was growing up.

I would love to hear what you think. Does the Proverbs 31 woman intimidate you or not?

Be blessed 🙂





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