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The Unveiled Wife book giveaway

03/23/2015 - Author: Jennifer - 12 Comments


There are bloggers who really want to help others and tell you about God, but there are few that are so transparent and vulnerable and helpful as Unveiled Wife. People, she and her husband over at Husband Revolution are honest, and frankly, needed. I need to read about real life, not just generic marriage statement that marriage is hard. I am also tired of reading that if you work at it and have God in the center/above all, it will work out. I am not going to say that this isn’t true, but I find you relatable if you tell me what you endured — not fluff it up — and how God healed your marriage. When you are honest about the ugly, then I can believe that God has made your marriage beautiful. When you tell me what your struggles are/were and how you are healing/healed/still being refined, well, honestly, God is more believable. It is easier to believe that God can restore. Your belief in God is more real. This blogger does it and she wrote a book. Unveiled Wife is raw and honest, but not oversharing. I appreciate her not skimming over the hard and ugly stuff.

In her book, The Unveiled Wife, she tells you about her struggles with pride, anger, doubt, insecurity, addiction, and other stuff. She wants to encourage you with her story of healing and refinement. She isn’t perfect and never will be, and she doesn’t try to tell you that she is. (See what I mean by relatable? I totally get her!).  There is no false hope of perfection. Just a story of how her marriage was hard and how she had to let go A LOT and let God work in her. Jennifer does not lie and say that she still doesn’t have some struggles, BUT she does have hope. She let’s us know that we are not alone. I take comfort in this. I need relatability (is that a word?) for you to be believable. Her story shows you there is a God who wants to heal and help, but it takes surrender.

This book of 30 chapters (don’t let that overwhelm you, they are easy to read) is fantastic! (I could probably write a blog post on each chapter because I so get her and you probably will too). Your struggles may not be identical, but you will definitely take something away from it.

So now–the giveaway! I have 2 copies of The Unveiled Wife book to giveaway. All you have to do is follow the instructions to be entered. 2 winners will be contacted by email if you are the winner.

Thanks for stopping by and be blessed 🙂

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Discussion (12 Comments)

  1. by Sarah

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. […] There are bloggers who really want to help others and tell you about God, but there are few that are …read more       […]

  3. by Kim


  4. Agree completely! Love how transparent she is and how giving you are with your support and encouragement!

  5. by Brittney

    so thankful for her transparency in her blogs & I bet the book is an even greater reflection of that!

  6. by Amber B.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  7. by Amanda Jenkins

    Excited about this, thank you!

  8. by Jenny

    Thank you for the giveaway. It sounds like this book is awesome.

  9. by Lisa

    This book sounds amazing.

  10. by April


  11. by Chastidy Wilkinson

    Would be awesome to en this book, my hubby has been following the fb pave for some time and I read some info on the book and I feel it may help mine…

  12. Thank you for your thoughts to encourage others – including me! This book sounds wonderful.

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