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One More Step–a giveaway

11/19/2015 - Author: Jennifer

Ok folks. Let’s be real. Life, at times is hard. Sometimes, it just sucks. There are times when I am angry at God. Some days or seasons, it was all I could do to get out of bed, let alone function. Psalm 38:8-9? anyone? Or Psalm 94:19? (Go ahead and look those up, then we can resume).

Have you ever wondered, how can I do this? How can I trudge through life while I have a trial to battle? Have you ever thought that taking one more step is too much? Yeah, me too and so has my friend Rachel.

I met Rachel through social media and attended community Bible studies with her. She is a gem of a gal and her story is one that will give hope, strength, and courage to battle the hard times that come with life. She does this by telling her story in her new book One More Step.

Rachel is not shy about how she takes one more step. Her story is one of vulnerability. Your life may not mirror Rachel’s exactly, but you can be encouraged because she points not to herself, but to God in her easy-to-read book. She uses the Bible to back-up what she says and believes, and to encourage herself and others.

I am blessed and privileged to call Rachel my friend. She was generous to provide a signed copy to giveaway. Just follow the steps below to enter.

Be blessed 🙂


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